Sunday, September 9, 2012

Barony Wars

Yesterday was Barony Wars. Luca, one of the college groups students and I went to the event in New York yesterday. Unfortunately, Jehan was sick and was not able to attend. I didn't get any sewing done, due to how busy it was, but sometimes you need a break. We spent the day fencing, and me retaining, and Luca guarding our dear Queen during afternoon court. While there, and I was relieved halfway through court, Her Majesty had me called before her, and presented me with my Keystone for service. I am deeply honored that they found me deserving of this award.

In other news, I'm still working on my dress. The original purpose for this fabric was to make curtains for our bedroom. after much debating, I decided to take the curtains, sew them back together, and make it into the over skirt for my dress. It won't be as full as I would like, but since its a fencing skirt, hopefully that won't make too much of a difference. I found a king size bed sheet in a pile of fabric I went through, and that will become the underskirt for the outfit. The hope is to get my dress and also Jehan's doublet done for FFF&F in November. Who knows if I'll get it done, but that's the hope :)

Well, this is another week of work. Jehan and I have been going through all of our boxed up things from when we moved in March. We have gotten through many of the boxes, but we have a bit more to go. He would like to set up a haunted house in October, so we'll really have to work on it in the next few weeks. Hope to get some more scroll cases done also. Until later, with internet and more updates!