Monday, January 21, 2013

More snowy day's of winter...

     Well, here in Danville, Pa it is quite cold. I"m actually sitting at the local library watching it snow. Whats worse, is its supposed to get even colder. Due to being cold blooded, I don't survive in the cold well. Luckly, I"m able to keep our apartment very warm, and I am still able to get things accomplished. In the past few weeks since I've last published a few bits and pieces have been started. We are still helping Jehan's parents move, but this seems to be an ongoing project that will be done by the end of the month. I am currently working on a white snood to go with my lavender and silver Italian ren. gown that i was given for christmas a few years back, and I am still working on my ice dragon entry. I am also trying to organize our house, and fix our *slight* hording issue. I think the biggest accomplishment it once again recieving the acorn from the shire at our local 12th night.Since we are a shire, and are not allowed to hand out major awards like a barony or a kingdom, we hand out tokens to show our appreciation to shire members. The Acorn is an award for service in the shire.  Also on that day, I stepped up as our local Seneshal, and will be holding that position for the next two years. This will be a lot for me to handle, and I am very lucky to have such a supportive shire behind me.
     On the Elizabethan front, I have been working on my pin pillow which I will enter into Ice dragon this year. In the Kingdom of AEthelmearc, it is the largest Arts and Science event around. This week I have to start on my research paper and work on the project as well. With how cold it is, I'm also hoping to complete my spanish farthengale, and next week my Elizabethan corset. My dear friend Mistress Maria is helping me create a mid-Elizabethan cranberry dress for our Pennsic wedding. Hopefully I can have pictures of all these projects the next time I am able to write to all of you.

Until then, I"ll keep warm, and keep on working