Saturday, September 24, 2011

Its been awhile

     I apologize to everyone for not posting for awhile. It has been quite busy around here lately, and I haven't had a chance to find the internet. Currently, I have finished a second snood (this one without beading), my sock, and also school! I had my graduation party today, and I am currently looking for a job in the area of Occupational Therapy. Sadly, I am not in a very happy mood though. Jehan's grandmother died today, and I didn't sleep very well last  night. I was able to get some reading done last night in a book that I have been working on called "HENRY VIII THE KING AND HIS COURT" by Alison Weir. It is becoming a very interesting book, and I am quite pleased with the information I am learning. I am also reading the "THE NEW WORLD HANDBOOK" created by the SCA. I am learning a lot about how I can talk help Newcomers, and I also have a pattern for making a bodice step dress :)...I couldn't be more excited about that! When I find a job I"ll be able to make my own dresses which will be great!

hopefully I'll be able to post some more later when I have more to say and I'm not as tired...


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Upcoming events

     It is normally quite unusual for me to be able to post twice in one weekend, I know. Fortunately, I have a large majority of my work done, so I am able to give an update. On Sept. 17th, 2011, in Nay Aug Park (500 Arthur Ave Scranton, Pa) we will be having a demo for Aimee's army, a childhood cancer foundation ( where I will be co-running the children activities. I've been working on that all weekend, and I think I have most of it done. I made my own Heraldry Bingo cards, and I also made coloring books for prizes. I started to make some fingerloop braiding jewlery to throw in the chest,but only got the 5 or 6 done that I brought with me. This week, I'll have to work on some more. This will be my first time using the bingo cards, so I'm not sure how they will work...This is going to be one of those trial-and-error deals I think.While I normally don't work with kids in the SCA, I do a lot with kids in other activities that I do. I'm filling in for someone, so I hope I do them proud :). Some other side projects I will continue to work on are a bearded hat, a Cuthulhu hat, a penguin and also a Zelda doll. With our comic con and our BYOC coming up in the spring, I have to work on the prizes that I have been asked to make. I guess there never is a boring day,huh



   Other than getting ready for the demo this week, I have a few doctors appointments, and a job interview on Wednesday (yea!) so hopefully a job will be on the horizon soon. Money is a nice thing to have when you have supplies and things that you need to buy, lol. hopefully I will know by the next time I post if I have a job or would definitly make life easier knowing if i did or not.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Lee vs. Katia

     I apologize that I haven't been able to write lately. Unfortunately, not having internet at my fingertips can hinder me being as faithful as I would like. Just this past week we have just seen 2 tropical storms go through, and its not looking pretty. Many of  my friends and family have flooding. Lucky, where I am, I do not have flood damage, although the major routes that I need to be able to get to my parents house are all shut down :(.
Its depressing to see what the destruction can be, and to know it could be worse...please keep us in your thoughts while we face the clean up ahead of us...

     In other thoughts, I have finally finished one of my socks :) it has only taken me 9 months, but it is done. I am now in need of a model to wear it, since it is made for a woman with smaller feet. I am currently working on the second one, and hopefully will have that done by Ice dragon. The pattern says it is a 19th century Norwegian sock pattern, but I am going to try to trace the style and design back to the 16th century. When you look at many Scandinavian cultures, they have similar designs in our time period. My goal is to eventually write a paper on the history of Knitting, and also break it down to the major regions and their styles.  

I have many other projects that I am working on, and with this being a weekend in Williamsport, I am volunteering my services for clean up duty and also a weekend of getting some work caught up. Lets see what I can do, and what I get accomplished. Over the next few days, I am going to several doctors appointments, and I have a job interview. Hopefully I'll have good news when I can write again :)...