Sunday, September 11, 2011

Upcoming events

     It is normally quite unusual for me to be able to post twice in one weekend, I know. Fortunately, I have a large majority of my work done, so I am able to give an update. On Sept. 17th, 2011, in Nay Aug Park (500 Arthur Ave Scranton, Pa) we will be having a demo for Aimee's army, a childhood cancer foundation ( where I will be co-running the children activities. I've been working on that all weekend, and I think I have most of it done. I made my own Heraldry Bingo cards, and I also made coloring books for prizes. I started to make some fingerloop braiding jewlery to throw in the chest,but only got the 5 or 6 done that I brought with me. This week, I'll have to work on some more. This will be my first time using the bingo cards, so I'm not sure how they will work...This is going to be one of those trial-and-error deals I think.While I normally don't work with kids in the SCA, I do a lot with kids in other activities that I do. I'm filling in for someone, so I hope I do them proud :). Some other side projects I will continue to work on are a bearded hat, a Cuthulhu hat, a penguin and also a Zelda doll. With our comic con and our BYOC coming up in the spring, I have to work on the prizes that I have been asked to make. I guess there never is a boring day,huh



   Other than getting ready for the demo this week, I have a few doctors appointments, and a job interview on Wednesday (yea!) so hopefully a job will be on the horizon soon. Money is a nice thing to have when you have supplies and things that you need to buy, lol. hopefully I will know by the next time I post if I have a job or would definitly make life easier knowing if i did or not.

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