Saturday, December 29, 2012

A look back while it snows....

     I just want to thank everyone who has followed my blog since it started on 8/27. It has been a joy to be able to document what I have done, and be able to show what I have learned. I am hoping this next year I can share more information as we go, and a little more consistently too. Unfortunately, not having internet is a real pain when trying to accomplish such things. I am hoping everyone has had a merry Christmas, and will have a happy new year since I don't know when I'll be able to post again.

     A few months back I posted about what I wanted to get accomplished this year, and I thought now would be the best time to update how the year has ended. I wanted to get my first Tudor gown finished our wedding in May. Since our plans have changed, I obviously did not get that done. What we have decided to do is have 2 weddings- One with our mundane friends and family, then have a second wedding at Pennsic this coming year. With the help of Mistress Maria, I am starting on an Elizabethan gown in cranberry velvet. We are planning on doing everything- corset, hoop skirt, kirtle, overdress, ruffs, and a hat. Its a lot to get done, but she believes with a lot of work and determination we can get it done. I also wanted to get a pair of Norwegian socks done for Ice dragon this year. When we moved, my pattern and cheat sheet were misplaced, so until I find that I can't finish my socks. They will eventually get done, so I'm not too worried. I also wanted to create a new cloak. I havn't started this project, but I'm hoping to get it done for our local 12th night on January 12th. At that time I will be stepping up as our local Seneshal, who is the legal representative of our local group.

     Since I didn't get the projects done that I wanted to accomplish, here's the new list for the new year. 1) make my new cloak 2)finish my Pennsic wedding dress 3) finish and enter my pin pillow into ice dragon in March. 4) start a new outfit for Jehan.

     I believe these should be easier to accomplish now, due to having a whole year to do and also...Jehan bought me a sewing machine! I still prefer to hand sew as much as I can, but unfortunately I don't have 8+hours to spend on one outfit. A sewing machine will make life a bit easier so I can accomplish items in a reasonable time.  With a bit of teaching, I think this will be set for the next year. I'm really excited for this year to come. This is going to be a great year...with the biggest joy going to be Jehan and I finally tying the knot.

Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see in this blog...a good word or question is always welcome :)

Here's to the future,

Saturday, November 24, 2012

How to build a card loom

Here it is: the directions to building a simple card loom. This pattern should only on average cost about $17-$20 a loom. In total we made 9. We were able to get the wood cut at the hardware store, which made life a bit easier. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. If I can't answer it, then I'll hunt it down for you. I would love to find out if anyone else had the same results as us.

·         1    2ft. 1x6
·         2    6in 4x2 (can be created by gluing 2    2x2)
o   If using 2x2’s wood glue and c-clamps
·         4    5/16-18x41/2 carriage bolts
·         4   5/16-18 wing nuts
·         4   felt pads for furniture (optional)
·          Scrap leather/stiff fabric (non-abrasive) to pad loom
·         5/16 drill bit
·         21/64 drill bit
·         Hammer

1.       Sand boards
2.       If gluing 2x2’s start gluing process
3.       Cut and attach leather

4.       Drill holes through wooden blocks and main board (when dry)
a.       Use 5/16th for main board
b.      Use 21/64 for top blocks


5.       Add bolts and wing nuts 
6.       Add felt pads to bottom bolts
*if making multiples, mark sides for they are individualized, and depending on your drillers skills

 Sorry if the Pictures don't line up straight: I tried to get them under each set of directions. Enjoy!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

A lot of news, in one little post

Well, I gotta say a lot has happened. All of my scrolls have been handed out, so that is done. Hoping to work on another scroll soon. All of my scrolls were handed out at the Barony of Endless Hills Investiture. Jehan and I also received our rain drops form the barony for all of our always feels good to be noticed :)
We also had the shires event of F. This was my first time teaching knitting, and I had 2 people in my class. It was a great learning experience and I'm planning on teaching some more next year. I was able to finish my dress and Jehan's doublet for the event of F also. I learned the proper
way to attach a skirt to a bodice, and I'll make sure to post a picture of that later on. For the event of F, a few of us make some card weaving looms. It was a fun experience, and I"ll post how to make those, hopefully in the next week.
Speaking of the shire, we held our elections 2 sundays ago, and I was nominated to be the next Seneshal, who is the legal representative of the group. This will definitaly be an experience that I am looking forward to.
Now its time to get serious about Ice dragon. I will be entering Jehan's doublet and an embroidery piece in March. I will have to do the documentation over the next winter months, which will give me something to do when its cold and snowing. Until later, here's to the future


Thursday, October 11, 2012

and the heat is on...

I can't believe its October already. I feel like I have so much more work to do. I have finally completed Jehan's fencing doublet, now I just have to tailor it when I get a chance. It fits well enough he can use it....right now I have to get my dress done as well as some orders people have issued me over a year ago. especially since I have now been deemed a "garb wench" by some, and orders are coming in for fencing garb. I"m almost done with my dress. I"m to the point where my poor fingers just won't work anymore. I guess that's what happens when you hand sew everything. I"m still working on my bit of practice embroidery for my Ice Dragon project, and attending embroidery classes. In a few weeks some of my back scrolls will be handed out, so I'll be able to post them soon too...don't wanna potentially ruin it for anyone.

I just finished my last dose of antibiotics today...I've been fighting a sinus infection for a few weeks now. Currently the goals are cleaning the house and working on a class for FFF&F: I fiber event held by my local shire every year. I'll make sure to post more about that later. For now I"ll continue to plug away at what I have planned. Hopefully I"ll be more productive and will have pictures next time


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Barony Wars

Yesterday was Barony Wars. Luca, one of the college groups students and I went to the event in New York yesterday. Unfortunately, Jehan was sick and was not able to attend. I didn't get any sewing done, due to how busy it was, but sometimes you need a break. We spent the day fencing, and me retaining, and Luca guarding our dear Queen during afternoon court. While there, and I was relieved halfway through court, Her Majesty had me called before her, and presented me with my Keystone for service. I am deeply honored that they found me deserving of this award.

In other news, I'm still working on my dress. The original purpose for this fabric was to make curtains for our bedroom. after much debating, I decided to take the curtains, sew them back together, and make it into the over skirt for my dress. It won't be as full as I would like, but since its a fencing skirt, hopefully that won't make too much of a difference. I found a king size bed sheet in a pile of fabric I went through, and that will become the underskirt for the outfit. The hope is to get my dress and also Jehan's doublet done for FFF&F in November. Who knows if I'll get it done, but that's the hope :)

Well, this is another week of work. Jehan and I have been going through all of our boxed up things from when we moved in March. We have gotten through many of the boxes, but we have a bit more to go. He would like to set up a haunted house in October, so we'll really have to work on it in the next few weeks. Hope to get some more scroll cases done also. Until later, with internet and more updates!


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Busy as a bee...

sorry about my last post, the post revel for all of pennsic left me very tired and stressed. I had a lot of fun, and I learned a lot. I became a minion of Mistress Maria, a Pelican of Endless Hills. This basically means that I will work in her shop for her during Pennsic, and during the year she will teach me everything she knows, so I can run the shop for her. I am very excited and I think I have a lot to learn. As a present for working in her shop this past Pennsic, she gave me a new pair of gloves and a fencing mask to start me out in my quest for equipment. She is also going to help me make an Elizabethan dress, so hopefully in the next year I can post pictures of that. I am still working on Jehan's doublet and I have to start my embroidery piece this week, as well as cleaning my house. *sigh* the work never seems to end.

On a happier note, the reason I am able to write is I am at my parents house this weekend. Jehan and I met with the pastor for our wedding in May, which went well, so now we can continue to plan our wedding. Can't wait to continue with what are plans have been!

hopefully I can update sooner then later, but it more then likely be later!

Busy as a bee!

Monday, August 13, 2012

post Pennsic update

Well, I have been quite the boring person in the past few weeks. I've mainly been working on garb for Pennsic, but since I was hand sewing, none of it was finished *sigh* at least I have some things to work on for later! Pennsic had been interesting. It started out with our landagent flipping his truck, and at the end of the 2 weeks my car battery died. I will say it was as good as could be with no real running water, electricity and no way out!

Hopefully I can update you more sometime later. I bought 2 books and am now saving money for a light box and a printer so I can do more research and illuminations...

heres to the future!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A new name, same old thing....

In order to help others find my blog easier, I have changed my name to "A wrinkle in time". It was one of my favorite books when I was in school, and I think it fits this blog very well. I do have a few updates since the last time. I had ordered my books, and by Monday they were here! Now I just need to get a light box and a photocopier, and I'm good to go. I have started on the embroidery pattern, I just need to finish copying it. I started on my dress too, I"ll have to put up pictures about the process as soon as I can get them. This weeks goal is to get the apartment cleaned up, not only so I have more room to work (and less work to do), but my parents are also coming this next weekend, and my mother hasn't seen it yet, since we only moved in march! Can't have a dirty house when your mother comes over...

~until next time, and I have more to share :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Concentration: Impossible

With my work schedule on the fritz (they have changed it 3 times in 2 weeks), I haven't had the energy to really do anything. I have been doing many events the past few weeks, which all included me attempting to fence, and retaining for their Majesties. I have a lot of fun doing both, so when my joints act up I know I can always do something. In the A&S field, I've been stuck in a rut. I"m having issues concentrating on one aspect of creating things, so I'm taking a small break. I do have good news: I just ordered my first 2 period books: "Exploring Elizabethan Embroidery.

I also ordered  my first book on Illumination called "Catherine of Cleves: Book of Hours". It is a period Germanic prayer book that was wonderful Gothic Illuminations in it. I am quite excited for it to come, so I can start with some more period works. It is a goal of mine to start being more accurate very slowly. It has taken me a few years, but with college taking over 90% of my time, I'm a bit behind.  I wish I had more to say for now...until then, I shall continue to do what I do


Sunday, May 20, 2012

With the boys away...the girls get to play!

Well, it is War Practice weekend here in AEthelmearc. Unfortunately, I was stupid and didn't ask off for the right date at work. On the positive side, I was able to have a "girls night out" weekend with our friend Jinx, so we went to a show Friday, I helped her organize her house Saturday, and today I am cleaning my house. I know I won't get a lot of sewing done like I wanted, but when its hard to walk through your house, the artistic process gets blocked. The closest thing to sewing I am doing, is sewing a curtain onto a un-removeable rod so no one can see into our bedroom from the living room.  I will also cut out a bunch of cardboard for my scroll cases which will free up a lot of room in the living room for more work. So much to do, so little time!

I have also made the decision to create a green fencing dress for myself and a red and green fencing doublet for Jehan. I think I will hand sew it, just so I can see how it looks with a basting stitch, then see if someone will allow me to use their machine for the final sewing. right now it is just scroll cases, but I will work on those and have them finished hopefully for Pennsic at the end of Juily. I also have to get a red fencing tabbord done too, but if I must, I will alter a red surcoat for the day. sometimes when the money isn't there, you gotta be creative!

~better get back to work, since the house won't clean itself!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sewing, Scrolls and Mothers day...

I want to wish a Happy Mothers out there to Mothers, Grandmothers, and all the Wendy-ladies (ladies who have "adopted children, like lost boys) out there. Without you, the world wouldn't be the same! 

     Not too much as happened in the past few days. I have once again been approached by the local barony to do another scroll, so I am currently working on that, plus a few hopefully for the kingdom, and potentially more for the barony. It seems like a never ending cycle, but I love doing it, so I'll keep at it :). As for my sewing, I haven't been making too much progress on the scroll cases. I have to get 10 done in the next month for an event, and I'm on number 3m so I have to work on that also. *sigh* so much to do, so Little time....

I am hoping to start working on an embroidery piece for ice dragon soon, just haven't had the energy to start researching it yet. If I don't start soon though I 'll never get it done! Since Jehan and I have changed our wedding plans back to a tux and white dress wedding, I don't feel as pressured to start on my wedding dress quite yet. I have decided to not enter it into Ice Dragon this next year, for it would be too much in too little time. Maybe I'll do a matching hood and enter it the following year, but the coming year will be a bit too much for me I think...Better to take it easy with everything that is planned...

Heading back to my apartment tomorrow to go to the shire meeting, can't wait!

Until then, that's all she wrote!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On the scroll side...

 Well I must admit, it has been some time since I last wrote. Between moving into a new apartment, creating scrolls, working, and now embroidery, scroll cases and all the tidbits one must do during the day, you run out of time quickly! The greatest news of the past months was that I have recieved my AoA, making me a Lady!


I must say it was a great honor to receive, and I was extremely surprised. I had a great time fencing, was preparing to stand as a retainer, and the next thing I know I am being called up into court! I do believe this might be enough excitement for me for quite awhile, though. I definitely prefer being on the back end watching people receive them :)

I also had the honor of doing a scroll for my friend Jinx. She was bestowed with the title "Iconic photographer" of the Barony of Endless Hills.

This was a piece of my own creation, and I think it turned out pretty nice. Her device is a black feline, and I thought the mouse taking a picture added a cute touch. I have heard the call of not only the Kingdom of AEthelmearc but also the call from their Excellencies of Endless Hills to do scrolls for Melee Maddness in a few months. This means that I will have a very busy schedule. Hopefully the money can come in for a sewing machine so I can mass produce not only garb for Pennsic, but also scroll cases for all the baronies in AEthelmearc.

While I am not thinking I will get everything done this year that I have planned, my next big goal is to get tabbards done for jehan and I for Pennsic, scroll cases for melee, and get the fabric for my wedding dress...Lets see how this works! for now its just chugging along and working on scrolls and embroidery

Until next time,

~Lady Antoinette

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Through the Ides and into showers...

Well it is the end of march, and we are already beginning to have April showers. Its nice to have cooler weather, even though I am used to the nice warm by now.

Unfortunately on the knitting front I didn't get my socks done for Ice Dragon. I'll have to enter them next year with hopefully other pieces which will be better I think. I am also hoping to enter my wedding dress into ice dragon with the proper documentation, although I think that might be harder to accomplish, but we shall see. It will be 90% hand sewn, so I'm ready for the challenge. I am also working on scrolls right now, and have one special one to do yet. Not allowed to release the details until after its done and handed out, but I think this will be my favorite one to do. It will be my second, so they are simple and not what I would like, but I am doing my best. I am also making scroll cases for the 7 barony's of AEthelmarc if they need them. I figured they would be good to do with all the fabric I have plus all the cardboard boxes from our move that is going on now as I write as well as next weekend. I have been one buys lady trying to pack I must say...

I have also been going to embroidery lately so  hopefully i can have a sampler started at the next class. I am looking forward to learning. Well, I think that is all for now, hopefully I can give you more soon. but for now, I can't think of anything else...

Here's to the future!


Saturday, February 4, 2012

The joys of the New Year

     I apologize for the few weeks of silence. Unfortunately,  not having the internet can put a damper in your internet needs. With that being said, not too much has happened. I have passed my boards, meaning that I will be a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant when my license comes in the mail. This is one of my mundane life goals that are now accomplished :). The next part of my goal is to finish a pair of socks in the next month for Ice Dragon. They are a white and blue version of my red and blue socks, I just wanted them to be more accurate. Hopefully I can get them done in time for Ice dragon. I think I am going to start my wedding dress in May. By then I should have my own apartment, and also a sewing machine. I have also received my acorn from the shire: a token for service to the shire. Unfortunately, due to work, I was not able to local 12th  night so I will receive it at the next business meeting.

   Some of the events that are coming up are the deadly carnival on Feb 11th, a schola on the 18th, and fencing practices in between. I am so looking forward to the next few weeks and seeing what I can get done.

Hopefully I can have pictures over the next few weeks...can't wait to give you updates!