Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sewing, Scrolls and Mothers day...

I want to wish a Happy Mothers out there to Mothers, Grandmothers, and all the Wendy-ladies (ladies who have "adopted children, like lost boys) out there. Without you, the world wouldn't be the same! 

     Not too much as happened in the past few days. I have once again been approached by the local barony to do another scroll, so I am currently working on that, plus a few hopefully for the kingdom, and potentially more for the barony. It seems like a never ending cycle, but I love doing it, so I'll keep at it :). As for my sewing, I haven't been making too much progress on the scroll cases. I have to get 10 done in the next month for an event, and I'm on number 3m so I have to work on that also. *sigh* so much to do, so Little time....

I am hoping to start working on an embroidery piece for ice dragon soon, just haven't had the energy to start researching it yet. If I don't start soon though I 'll never get it done! Since Jehan and I have changed our wedding plans back to a tux and white dress wedding, I don't feel as pressured to start on my wedding dress quite yet. I have decided to not enter it into Ice Dragon this next year, for it would be too much in too little time. Maybe I'll do a matching hood and enter it the following year, but the coming year will be a bit too much for me I think...Better to take it easy with everything that is planned...

Heading back to my apartment tomorrow to go to the shire meeting, can't wait!

Until then, that's all she wrote!

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