Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Today is a very chilly Halloween. Can't wait for the kids to come...even though Jehan and I don't attend parties anymore, I love this time of the year and seeing the kids dress up. Hoping kids come to our house...can't wait to see what Levi thinks of them!
On the SCA front, I'm diligently working with many others on Kingdom 12th night...I'm learning a lot and can't wait to see the final project. 
This past weekend, Jehan and I were able to attend the investiture of our dear friends in endless hills as well as a wedding! I made my dress and I think it fit fairly was a basic T-tunic and I wore my Saint Brigitta coif which was quite comfy 

I also was pleased to have many of my back scrolls presented as well as a new one I created for the day. 

Jehan will be gone for the next week, so I'll be working and playing single mom. I'm going to hopefully get more of my FF&F class complete and also more of my doublet 
Wish me luck!