Wednesday, November 25, 2015


FF&F went really well. I was quite pleased with how many people attended my class. Several people were not able to attend, but asked for a posting. Here it is please let me know if you have any questions!

WHY I CREATED THIS CLASS: I’ve attended a few classes on thrifty ways to upgrade your garb through repurposing other objects. While I love this thought, and it is very helpful, one really needs the basis of basics. After talking to several people, I wanted to create a class on this subject.

WHAT I LEARNED WHILE CREATING THIS CLASS: It can really be a never ending topic. While I only have a few objects made and in the handout, I have many more to create, and I am hoping to add more to this class. Also, this class is supposed to be a basis to use as a start of your own research
OBJECTIVE: To give individuals of all skill levels examples of garb and accessories that can be created out of a yard of fabric or less. Several, if not all of these examples can also be used as largess

-Preferable fabrics (natural vs. manmade/synthetic)
-Before you start
   +always wash your fabric (zig-zag edging helps to prevent fraying)
   +washing helps to prevent future uneven shrinkage, wash away extra dye
   +always make a mockup
   +I recommend scrap material/bedsheets/muslin
   +helps to make sure pattern actually works before it is too late

St Birgitta Cap
2 piece coif/3 piece coif
Elizabethan coif
Jorvik hood
Viking hood
Flemish (?) coif
Birka cap
Small veils
Pileus hat
Bias tape
Straight tape
Short apron/serving cloth
Feast gear cover/placemat
2 person table cloth
Table runner
Belt favor
Basket cover
Pin pillow
Notebook cover

Please use this class and handout as a starting point. There are many other objects to make/use to help jump start your kit, de-clutter your house, and help your Kingdom with largess and silent auction items
Questions/comments please email me at
Or see my blog at

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Today is a very chilly Halloween. Can't wait for the kids to come...even though Jehan and I don't attend parties anymore, I love this time of the year and seeing the kids dress up. Hoping kids come to our house...can't wait to see what Levi thinks of them!
On the SCA front, I'm diligently working with many others on Kingdom 12th night...I'm learning a lot and can't wait to see the final project. 
This past weekend, Jehan and I were able to attend the investiture of our dear friends in endless hills as well as a wedding! I made my dress and I think it fit fairly was a basic T-tunic and I wore my Saint Brigitta coif which was quite comfy 

I also was pleased to have many of my back scrolls presented as well as a new one I created for the day. 

Jehan will be gone for the next week, so I'll be working and playing single mom. I'm going to hopefully get more of my FF&F class complete and also more of my doublet 
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Kingdom 12th Night

Washington Lodge #265 Caldwell Consistory Cathedral, 150 Market Street, Bloomsburg, PA 17815. Site opens at 10am.  The gate will close at 2pm.  The event ends and the site closes at 10pm

Come One Come All to the Celebration of Saturnalia with our Most August Imperiatori, Tindal and Etain, featuring the renown competition for Sylvan Bard of AEthelmearc.

Keep your strength up for reveling by partaking of the splendid lunch presented by Baron Janos Mezzaros, and after a day full of activities, you may choose to sit Above the Salt or Below the Salt for a Saturnalia Feast also created by Janos and his Company of Cooks.

You may choose your entertainment throughout the day: dancing (Instruction during the day and dance in the evening), an arts contest with roots going back to the the days of Cicero (more info to come), games of chance (including a Kingdom fundraiser) and games of skill.

Come in your most brilliantly-hued haute couture. As did our ancestors, we too will revel in the Roman fashion.  There will be a Kings Choice and Queens Choice for best dressed in Saternalia sartorial splendor. And  as the Sun turns, so too shall our social order, and as befits our celebration, our Lord and Lady of Misrule too shall make their choices known.

Merchants are welcome.  In lieu of a merchant fee, we are asking for donations for the fundraiser. Due to limited space, you must reserve ahead of time. Please contact our Merchant Liaison Baroness Rosemund von Glinde (Wendy Hart,, 716-949-4984

Other activities and information will be forthcoming on the web and on the Kingdom and Twelfth Night Facebook pages as well as here in the AEstel.

Autocrats for your event are Lady Antoinette de Lorraine (Ashley Green,, 570-317-4575 - before 7pm)  and Mistress cori (Clare Jackson,, 716-517-8570 TEXT is best). 

Please send reservations to Edith of Winterton (Caroline Elliott, 38 Chateau Terrace, Amherst, NY 14226,, 716-574-1354).  Please include an email with your reservation for followup.  Please include any food allergies when you make your reservation.

The cost for this wondrous affair is:
SITE FEE (includes lunch):
          Adult: $14.00          
          Minor age 13-17: $7.00  
          Minor age 0-12: Free 
Family Cap SITE FEE ONLY: $35.00 

BELOW THE SALT (Site Fee + Below the Salt dinner)
          Adult: $22.00
          Minor age 13-17: $15.00
          Minor age 0-12: $8.00

ABOVE THE SALT (Site Fee + Above the Salt dinner):
          Adult: $27.00
          Minor age 13-17: $20.00
          Minor age 0-12: $13.00

For Children age 0-12 there will be an alternate Children's Feast available at a children's table in the feast hall for $3.00.  
For those whose minor children do not eat event dinners at all, parents may reserve for them with site fee only. We will have a table in the feast hall for kids who are not partaking any feast whose parents are, so that the kids may still be in line of sight without taking a feast seat.

Off board tables will be available for people who wish to stay at the event and bring their own feast. 
Please make your checks payable to: SCA PA, Inc.- Kingdom of AEthelmearc.  A $5.00 non-member surcharge will be collected at the door from all non-member adults.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Currently, Jehan and I are headed back from Coronation in New York. It was a lot of fun, but very cold (Jehan and I tent camped the event). I was very proud of myself for finishing a women's doublet where I was able to get some advice on how to refit it. I'll post pictures of that project later. 
I'm preparing for FF&F for a new class I'm teaching; the topic is what can I make out of a yard of fabric. So far, I have 2 hats made, a Viking and an Elizabethan coif. When j get everything put together my plan is to put the class up here. 

Viking cap

Elizabethan coif 

Lake at Coronation 

I've teamed up with Mistress Cori to work on Kingdom 12th night, which we worked on this weekend, which I am very excited about. Projects are running around and I'm getting things accomplished in a manner that I am happy about
Till later!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

My stay-cation

This year Jehan went to Pennsic by himself....I didn't feel ready to leave our son for that long, so I opted for a stay-cation, and was able to accomplish a lot actually.Levi and I relaxed a bit, I was able to perform some brides-maid duties on monday, and things around the house other parts of the week. I have always wanted a porch I could sit on and drink my tea and just watch the clouds go by. While this house doesn't have a huge porch, its big enough for me to sit, and Levi to play at his water table. I planted fake flowers in a metal chicken frame with the next goal of a table being made to place over it.
start of dream porch
 Since Jehan went to Pennsic, my special prize is two new dresses, since I havn't really any winter garb, and I havn't had new pieces added since about 2011. My hope is to have a gothic fitted dress made, and I'm not sure what the second style dress will be. While it is an earlier time period then my preference, I would like to learn construction of all types of garments, and I believe to learn 16th cent. construction I have to start earlier. Also, its nice to have a variety of choices. To help me in this quest, my mother and I emptied out one of our storage bedrooms, tore out the carpet, and I am now waiting for the ability to buy a table and fabric before I start on a new project. I am so excited and hope to have at least one dress done for our friends wedding and FF&F. I will more then likely make it out of linen (underdress) and wool (over dress) to stay warm, since I always freeze in the late fall/early spring. I will have to make some nice summer dresses, but I'll save that for later.
start of sewing room

I also decided to try my hand at freezing vegetables this year. I've never done it before, and since we have a chest freezer, I might as well use it! so I spent a day doing just that. It took more time then I realized, but it was fun to do, and I'll continue doing it as I have the time. while we have pre-frozen vegetables in the store, there is nothing quite like pulling out veggies that you know were done with no additive and were bought at a farmers market, supporting local farmer. Hopefully I didnt mess up too bad...we will just have to find out this winter!

I still have some outstanding scrolls that I'm waiting to have handed out before I can post them, and I have another 2 that are started, but I can't work on since my mom has been staying in our dining room, which is where my art desk currently is located. I'm hoping to move that upstairs eventually, but for now, I'll just wait. I'm working on red and white lucet, and will have a second suprise project to work on after that. I am also hoping to work on a 16th cent coif pattern soon and maybe be able to hem a veil for my friends wedding. You never know!Sadly I believe my computer has a virus, so I'm hoping it will hold on for some time. Posting is already hard to do, with the little time I have to accomplish things anymore. sadly, all things must
natures bounty
come to an end at some time in their life I guess.
It has had a hard life, and continues to be used very hard.

Here's to more work and hopfully more fun!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Well, I finally have the ability to sit infront of a computer and update as I wish. With several people in my family falling ill, including myself and now the baby, its been tough to get things accomplished. I've been keeping busy finishing up loose ends, including finally getting all our scrolls hung up, finishing heraldry submissions that need to be submitted by friday, and working on queens tokens. I have 4 embroidery pieces done, and wish to create more before I couch them down on other fabric. I believe I will make shoulder tabs that can be turned into belt favors, or Her Majesty can use them on her retainer sashes.

goblet cover side 1
goblet cover side 2
For Their Majesties at this past spring coronation I created a goblet cover for both of them, to protect their drinks from dust and bugs. They are approximately 7'' in diameter and have one bead that I purchased at Ice Dragon in each corner to help with the pull to keep them sitting nicely on a goblet.

I also finished my Ice Dragon project. It took me a long time but I did it, and am quite pleased with how it turned out. I went with a simpler design on the back side to show a simple and a more complex version of the project. I used beads that I have been gifted in the past for practicality and also so I can show them off and not keep them simply in my drawer not being used.
side two pouch

side one pouch
 I've been attempting to use up the materials that I
Already own before I buy new items and take up more space in the house. I have also finished other projects including a scroll for our dear friend Lucha, and the oak tree tokens for the Shire. Since we are only a shire, and not a barony, we cannot hand out awards in the same way. But we hand out appreciation tokens every local 12th night. We did not have any made so i created them out of craft paint, a wood circle and metal wire. I ended up using a black sharpie for the tree to give it a smoother look in my opinion.



Well that's all that I have for now. Hopefully I can work on more embroidery and post pictures soon!


Friday, April 17, 2015

We've upgraded!!!

wow we have had a busy few months: the major events we've been too are kingdom 12th night, ice dragon, and the coronation of their royal majesties Timothy and Gabrielle. We have had wonderful times at these events and am so happy we could go. And now we have the internet so hopefully over the next few days I can post pictures of projects accomished and a tutorial or 2