Saturday, November 24, 2012

How to build a card loom

Here it is: the directions to building a simple card loom. This pattern should only on average cost about $17-$20 a loom. In total we made 9. We were able to get the wood cut at the hardware store, which made life a bit easier. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. If I can't answer it, then I'll hunt it down for you. I would love to find out if anyone else had the same results as us.

·         1    2ft. 1x6
·         2    6in 4x2 (can be created by gluing 2    2x2)
o   If using 2x2’s wood glue and c-clamps
·         4    5/16-18x41/2 carriage bolts
·         4   5/16-18 wing nuts
·         4   felt pads for furniture (optional)
·          Scrap leather/stiff fabric (non-abrasive) to pad loom
·         5/16 drill bit
·         21/64 drill bit
·         Hammer

1.       Sand boards
2.       If gluing 2x2’s start gluing process
3.       Cut and attach leather

4.       Drill holes through wooden blocks and main board (when dry)
a.       Use 5/16th for main board
b.      Use 21/64 for top blocks


5.       Add bolts and wing nuts 
6.       Add felt pads to bottom bolts
*if making multiples, mark sides for they are individualized, and depending on your drillers skills

 Sorry if the Pictures don't line up straight: I tried to get them under each set of directions. Enjoy!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

A lot of news, in one little post

Well, I gotta say a lot has happened. All of my scrolls have been handed out, so that is done. Hoping to work on another scroll soon. All of my scrolls were handed out at the Barony of Endless Hills Investiture. Jehan and I also received our rain drops form the barony for all of our always feels good to be noticed :)
We also had the shires event of F. This was my first time teaching knitting, and I had 2 people in my class. It was a great learning experience and I'm planning on teaching some more next year. I was able to finish my dress and Jehan's doublet for the event of F also. I learned the proper
way to attach a skirt to a bodice, and I'll make sure to post a picture of that later on. For the event of F, a few of us make some card weaving looms. It was a fun experience, and I"ll post how to make those, hopefully in the next week.
Speaking of the shire, we held our elections 2 sundays ago, and I was nominated to be the next Seneshal, who is the legal representative of the group. This will definitaly be an experience that I am looking forward to.
Now its time to get serious about Ice dragon. I will be entering Jehan's doublet and an embroidery piece in March. I will have to do the documentation over the next winter months, which will give me something to do when its cold and snowing. Until later, here's to the future