Friday, June 28, 2013

Basic Knitting handout

This is a copy of the handout I use for the basic hand knitting I use for teaching at SCA classes. Please use it, and remember to cite you sources!


·         BO- bind off
·         Ch-chain; may be seen as Ch1, Ch2, etc.
·         Circ- circular
·         Co- cast on
·         Dc- double crochet
·         Dpn- double-pointed needle(s)
·         K-knit
·         K2tog- knit 2 (stitches) tog
·         M1R- make one right slanting; with the tip of the left hand needle inserted from back to front, lift the strand between the two needles onto the left hand needle; knit through the front loop to increase one stitch
·         M1 or M1L- make 1 left slanting; with the tip of the left hand needle inserted from front to back, lift the strand between the 2 needles onto the left hand needle; knit the strand through the back loop to increase one stitch
·         P- purl
·         P2tog- purl 2 (stitches) together
·         Pm- place marker
·         Rnd- round
·         Rs- right side
·         Ws- wrong side
·         Ssk- slip, slip, knit- slip the next 2 stitches to the right hand needle one at a time as if to knit; return them back to left hand needle one at a timeto their new orientation; knit them together through the back loops
·         St(s)- stitches
·         Tog- together
·         Yo- yarn over; bring yarn forward (to the purl position), then place it in position to work the next stitch. If the next stitch is to knit, bring yarn over the needle and knit; of next stitch is to be purled, bring yarn over the needle and then forward again to the purl position and purl.

I will make sure to add different pictures at a later time...

Pot holder/arm warmer pattern
Cast on 44 stitches. Knit until desired length. Bind off. With right side facing, sew side seam, beginning at cast on edge and ending 2 1/2 “ from bound-off edge, leaving a gap of approx 1 ½’ from thumbhole. Rejoin yarn and sew seams to end. Weave in all ends

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26 Punk Knits

Hope you enjoy, and keep on Knitting!

Detached Buttonhole Embroidery Stitch

This is a copy of the handout I use for the detached buttonhole stitch I use for teaching at Embroidery classes. Please use it, and remember to cite you sources!

·         Because this stitch is not attached to anything, it can be stuffed to give a raised appearance, or be totally cut from the fabric to form the basis of stumpwork
·         The buttonhole stitch has several common variations (blanket stitch, eyelet stitch, and the detached buttonhole)
·         A filling stitch with several variations (closed buttonhole, crossed buttonhole, Buttonhole shading <top knotted buttonhole stitch, German knotted buttonhole stitch, tailors buttonhole stitch, Armenian edging stitch>)

I will make sure to update this as I collect more information, and with better pictures

¨       Exploring Elizabethan Embroidery< Dorothy Clarke , Stephanie Powell

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Here comes the Bride...part I

Well, Jehan and I have survived our first month of marriage. We were wed on May 24th, 2013 at the church I grew up in. Most of our family was in attendance, and made it very special. Sadly it was cold and slightly, rainy, but we didn't allow that to ruin it for us. Our photographer was our dear friend Jinx. I think she is so talented with photography, and was so happy she could do this for us. Our flowers were special ordered from the Rook and the Rose...we found them at the PA Renn. Faire last summer and adored their unique. The center pieces (shown below) I made from glasses I bought at the dollar tree, Easter grass from the dollar store, a piece of ribbon and a battery operated tea light. I think they turned out well, and they were pretty inexpensive.
For our honeymoon Jehan and toured Plimouth, Mass. and learned a great bit.We were able to create great memories from this day, as well as this trip. History is one thing we both love, and love to share with others. Hopefully slowly, I can share them here over time.
My wedding boquet

our center pieces

our cake topper

This coming weekend is Aethelmearc in our great shire. I will be teaching two classes, one is a detached button hole which is a stitch in embroidery and my basic knitting class from FF&F. I will also be working on new dress for Pennsic since I don't have anything to really wear. Hoping to get 5 done, but we'll see how it goes. Due to technicalities, I might not get my wedding dress done. Either way, this next wedding will still be fun, and I can't wait until it happens :). Well, better get back to work for this weekend

Your In Service,
The new Mrs. Ashley Green

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A whirl wind of days

   Well, it has been quite the busy month! I've been attempting to post for awhile now, but obviously have been having technical issues. While I do have a lot to post, I"m going to have to do several seperate posts over the next few weeks. This one is going to focus on SCAdian ideas, and hopefully the next one will OT about our wedding. Before the wedding, not much SCAdian was getting done, due to the wedding focus. My fencing dress was failed due to seam ripping so currently in between getting my Pennsic wedding dress done, and everything else, I"m attempting to have it wearable again for Bog, which is in 2 weeks. Also, the Barony of Endless Hills held an event called Bacchus. There I had the honor of Being the MITIC, or Marshal in Training in Charge....This basically means that I ran the fencing lists for the day under my marshal, Don Po.

   For the event, I had the honor of creating the scroll for the Principle of a new order: "The Friends of the Barony".  Everyone seemed quite happy with how it looked. Jehan and I also had the honor of becoming members of the 2nd and 3rd members of the order, and so have helped to create an order. I also made two simple scrolls for the winners of the Fencing Tournament, and also the Archery tournament.
   I must say being Seneschal is keeping me very busy, but I have been finding time to do other things. Mistress Maria has me at a point where I can finish my chemise on my own, and we should be finishing the over dress this month. I am also working on teaching two classes at our upcoming summer academy at the end of this month: one is my basic knitting class I taught at FF&F, and I am also teaching a detached button hole class for embroidery. This will be my first kingdom event that I am teaching, and it is making me slightly nervous, but it should be fine.  I am also still plugging away with my other embroidery projects, and am planning on making myself new garb *gasp*. I am in need of making at least 4-5 new t-tunics for pennsic this year. While they are a WAY earlier period style for me, Pennsic is 100 degree weather, and this is one event I go for coolness and comfort. I don't want my nice hot dresses getting ruined, and I don't want to overheat when I"m working for Maria. and its nice to have simple garb on hand for those lazy days of summer.

Well, for now that is all...hopefully I can post pictures soon.
Until then