Sunday, September 27, 2015


Currently, Jehan and I are headed back from Coronation in New York. It was a lot of fun, but very cold (Jehan and I tent camped the event). I was very proud of myself for finishing a women's doublet where I was able to get some advice on how to refit it. I'll post pictures of that project later. 
I'm preparing for FF&F for a new class I'm teaching; the topic is what can I make out of a yard of fabric. So far, I have 2 hats made, a Viking and an Elizabethan coif. When j get everything put together my plan is to put the class up here. 

Viking cap

Elizabethan coif 

Lake at Coronation 

I've teamed up with Mistress Cori to work on Kingdom 12th night, which we worked on this weekend, which I am very excited about. Projects are running around and I'm getting things accomplished in a manner that I am happy about
Till later!

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