Saturday, September 24, 2011

Its been awhile

     I apologize to everyone for not posting for awhile. It has been quite busy around here lately, and I haven't had a chance to find the internet. Currently, I have finished a second snood (this one without beading), my sock, and also school! I had my graduation party today, and I am currently looking for a job in the area of Occupational Therapy. Sadly, I am not in a very happy mood though. Jehan's grandmother died today, and I didn't sleep very well last  night. I was able to get some reading done last night in a book that I have been working on called "HENRY VIII THE KING AND HIS COURT" by Alison Weir. It is becoming a very interesting book, and I am quite pleased with the information I am learning. I am also reading the "THE NEW WORLD HANDBOOK" created by the SCA. I am learning a lot about how I can talk help Newcomers, and I also have a pattern for making a bodice step dress :)...I couldn't be more excited about that! When I find a job I"ll be able to make my own dresses which will be great!

hopefully I'll be able to post some more later when I have more to say and I'm not as tired...


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