Sunday, February 9, 2014

finished projects old and new...

Sadly, I have not been the best at updating my blog the beginning of this year like I had hoped. Luckly, I do have pictures which is always a plus.

Back at our fall QRC, I was honored by being able to create the Award of Arms scroll for our dear friend Lucha. In the SCA, being awarded your AoA allows you to use the title Lord or Lady. This was my first kingdom level scroll, and I like the way it turned out. It was my first time really altering a period scroll, and also attempting to color match  and use color for depth. I unfortunatly have a bad habit of making my work look very flat.  I also was given the chance to make another zule (an award for service) scroll for the barony. While I am not an official member of said Barony, I so some scrolls to help them out. I like doing them on this level for it allows me to be more creative, experiment, and learn about illumination at my pace. I hope to one day be on the scribes list at a kingdom level, but until then, I am enjoying what I do for our friends in the Barony.

Yesterday, Jehan accepted a Blue Scarf from Don Po silvertop. What this means is he is under the tutorial of Po to learn to become a better fencer, learn decorum and other things needed of someone at the White Scarf level. I completed the embroidery for the scarf, Jehan's leige Rowan applied the work through applique, and her Lord Brad sewed the scarf for this big day.

It was a long day of driving, marshaling, and retaining,
but as always, it was a lot of fun.On the way to said event I finally finished my italian coif, that I had embroidered and sewn over 5 years ago when I first started. Sadly, all it needed was clips for my hair, but between moving so many times, and being as unorganized as I am, I misplaced it, and was able to wear it this past weekend. I have a bit more work to do on it I think, and will hopefully be able to wear it again at our shire 25th anniversary which will be held on March 1st. While I prefer the look and wear of more middle to lower class garb, I do tend to alter from that with my headgear. I am very slowly upgrading my garb and am having a bit of trouble simply with how tired I am and busy as well. I'm hoping to slow down a bit more since I'm about to hit my 5th month of pregnancy, and traveling is becoming more and more interesting. But I'll keep going like I am and make this as interesting as possible.

Hoping to get some more work done on other projects soon. Hope to be back on with more pictures and updates, but Until then