Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Well, I finally have the ability to sit infront of a computer and update as I wish. With several people in my family falling ill, including myself and now the baby, its been tough to get things accomplished. I've been keeping busy finishing up loose ends, including finally getting all our scrolls hung up, finishing heraldry submissions that need to be submitted by friday, and working on queens tokens. I have 4 embroidery pieces done, and wish to create more before I couch them down on other fabric. I believe I will make shoulder tabs that can be turned into belt favors, or Her Majesty can use them on her retainer sashes.

goblet cover side 1
goblet cover side 2
For Their Majesties at this past spring coronation I created a goblet cover for both of them, to protect their drinks from dust and bugs. They are approximately 7'' in diameter and have one bead that I purchased at Ice Dragon in each corner to help with the pull to keep them sitting nicely on a goblet.

I also finished my Ice Dragon project. It took me a long time but I did it, and am quite pleased with how it turned out. I went with a simpler design on the back side to show a simple and a more complex version of the project. I used beads that I have been gifted in the past for practicality and also so I can show them off and not keep them simply in my drawer not being used.
side two pouch

side one pouch
 I've been attempting to use up the materials that I
Already own before I buy new items and take up more space in the house. I have also finished other projects including a scroll for our dear friend Lucha, and the oak tree tokens for the Shire. Since we are only a shire, and not a barony, we cannot hand out awards in the same way. But we hand out appreciation tokens every local 12th night. We did not have any made so i created them out of craft paint, a wood circle and metal wire. I ended up using a black sharpie for the tree to give it a smoother look in my opinion.



Well that's all that I have for now. Hopefully I can work on more embroidery and post pictures soon!