Wednesday, November 25, 2015


FF&F went really well. I was quite pleased with how many people attended my class. Several people were not able to attend, but asked for a posting. Here it is please let me know if you have any questions!

WHY I CREATED THIS CLASS: I’ve attended a few classes on thrifty ways to upgrade your garb through repurposing other objects. While I love this thought, and it is very helpful, one really needs the basis of basics. After talking to several people, I wanted to create a class on this subject.

WHAT I LEARNED WHILE CREATING THIS CLASS: It can really be a never ending topic. While I only have a few objects made and in the handout, I have many more to create, and I am hoping to add more to this class. Also, this class is supposed to be a basis to use as a start of your own research
OBJECTIVE: To give individuals of all skill levels examples of garb and accessories that can be created out of a yard of fabric or less. Several, if not all of these examples can also be used as largess

-Preferable fabrics (natural vs. manmade/synthetic)
-Before you start
   +always wash your fabric (zig-zag edging helps to prevent fraying)
   +washing helps to prevent future uneven shrinkage, wash away extra dye
   +always make a mockup
   +I recommend scrap material/bedsheets/muslin
   +helps to make sure pattern actually works before it is too late

St Birgitta Cap
2 piece coif/3 piece coif
Elizabethan coif
Jorvik hood
Viking hood
Flemish (?) coif
Birka cap
Small veils
Pileus hat
Bias tape
Straight tape
Short apron/serving cloth
Feast gear cover/placemat
2 person table cloth
Table runner
Belt favor
Basket cover
Pin pillow
Notebook cover

Please use this class and handout as a starting point. There are many other objects to make/use to help jump start your kit, de-clutter your house, and help your Kingdom with largess and silent auction items
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