Monday, January 11, 2016

End of one, beginning of another

WThe past few months have flown by...between finishing Seneschal work, Christmas, New Years and now Kingdom 12th night, I'm ready for a break (not that I'm getting one, but still...). I still have local 12th night and now Jehan and I are creating a bid for another event;
Always busy, never board.
Kingdom 12th night went very well, and I'm glad everyone had fun we had several 

Sets of royals for the day and that added to the ambience of the day. Our feast hall looked like a scene from a Harry Potter book!

And while I didn't wear it during the day, I did create a Pileus hat for the celebration. 

While I'm finishing everything up, I'm also working on our shores new blog! It's going well, and I'll attempt to link it to my page soon. I'm hoping to get more crafting done but you know how it goes. 


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