Sunday, July 24, 2016

Summer time fun

EThis summer is going so fast! Pennsic is just a few weeks away and I am definitely not ready...not that I'm ever really ready.

I can finally show off my last finished project: Jehan's white scarf!
At Bog 3-day, he was accepted into the order with much shenanigans as could be misted, including a rice Krispy pig/chicken "payment" to the Crown. 

I was able to hand sew his scarf, which was made from white linin, with the blue chevrons coming from his Cadet scarf created by THL Rowan and THL Brada. 

The treat was created by the wonderful Baron Perote 

I'm continuing to work on finishing other projects, but this heat makes it tough. I'm hoping to take plenty of pictures at Pennsic I hope to share here.

Stay cool

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