Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Never stopping, never ending...

After Pennsic, I realized how many projects I have started and not anywhere close to finishing. So to save my sanity, and my space, I'm cleaning my house, organizing art supplies and FINISHING projects that I randomly have started. So far, I have 1)scroll for largess 2) red beaded snood 3)embroidered panels to make into silent auction pin pillows 3)green cotton garters 4)black fingerless gloves for Lady Rowan 5)beard hat for my friend Salt. If I finish these projects before the new year, I will be very happy. I think next year I'm going to put myself on a scheduled plan and that is all I can work on. Unfortunately I am very scattered brained, and I love shiny new ideas. When one pops in my head I end up starting and not finishing...which is NOT a good thing.

In other news, my landlord has decided to sell my apartment. While that means that we will eventually have new building owners, we will not have to find a new place to live until at least March. With that in mind, I'm going to have to work really hard to make sure these projects are finished so they can have new homes so I don't have to transport them to a new home if it comes to that. Still can't wait until Jehan and I can own our own place and I can allow the creative muses to flow....

until then,

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