Saturday, August 27, 2011

And they call her Irene...

     Hurricane Irene is heading our way, so I thought I would share a bit.  It is supposed to start raining really soon from said hurricane, but I don't see anything yet, so I am thinking more than likely its just going to blow us by.
      I'm continuing to work on my job hunt, since I am done with my fieldwork in two weeks. In the crafting realm, I'm still working on my blasted sock, as well as a bit of Kumihimo for extra ties (we have a bad habit of loosing boddice and doublet ties). I wish I had a picture of my sock to show you all, but I am still waiting until I get one completely done until the unveiling.
      I will admit, I did open my big fat mouth again, and made myself more work. I have been asked to make prizes for the Pennsylvania College of Technology's BYOC and Comic Con that will be held in April. They will include a few hats, a zelda doll, possibly a Zelda bag, and a penguin. When I get home tomorrow, I think that is what I will start on and hopefully things will go according to plan :).
     I have been given a challenge by a dear friend of ours. She has challenged me to become a deputy Chatelaine. A chatelaine is the newcomer liaison in a group, who helps to introduce and assist newcomers in the SCA. In the medieval ages, the Chatelaine was in charge of providing the Estate's hospitality. She believes that I am already doing the work, I might as well hold the title! I am continuing my work with the college group that I have started (more on that later), and am hoping if/when I do become a deputy, I can continue to work with college groups. Jehan has been asked to put in a letter of interest to become the Kingdom Chatelaine, meaning I would also help him with that task "unofficially". We have started making plans for ideas that he would like to initiate for when/if  he holds the office. I am just very excited that someone see's potential in me, and is giving me a direction in which to head in for the SCA. I would love to hold the Chancelor Minor position, but due to current circumstances, I will not be able to hold that position, more of less any position for right now. It will be interesting to see what happens in the future.

Hoping everyone fairs the storm,


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