Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas preperations ...

Christmas is only 50 days away. Since I'm going to be making many of the presents that we give this year, thats not very long for me to work my magic. I have a lot to do including making two snoods for my sister-in-law, making a NY Yankees yamachka and fingerless gloves for my sister. sadly, that means all my other projects have to sit off to the side, but that won't be for too long. Next year, I think I will make this a year long project so that I don't procrastinate like I normally do.

Not too many events between now and the new year luckily. Since QRC is over for the fall, we only have the FFF&F with our local group, and then kingdom twelfth night at the start of the new year. IT will be nice to slow down, pack and get ready for the new job and moving in that amount of time. I always really look forward to the FFF&F event. Its a great time to learn new things and spend time with friends. I'm not sure if we are going to day trip it this year or not, but I will enjoy it in either capacity....

As for QRC this past weekend, I didn't do too bad. I won about 5, lost 7, but I took out a white scarf and held my own for my first QRC. hopefully next time I can do better and have just as much fun.

not too much to say, other then I better get back to work!

until later,

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