Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I can never complain about being bored...

Hello everyone,
     A lot has been going on lately. An unexpected snow storm as moved my cranky behind into hyper drive trying to get ready for winter. Due to my joint issues and low tolerance for the weather, I made myself a pair of fingerless gloves. I made up my own pattern, forming them to fit snugly to my hands. I'm thinking about starting my own etsy account to start selling some things, so lets see where that leads us...
     This Saturday is QRC, or Queen's Rapier Championship, where the fencing champion will be chosen for the next six months. In the beginning I wasn't planning on entering, but since I'm going (and a few people decided to twist my arm), I might as well attempt. I don't plan on doing very well, but I will meet some new people, and hopefully learn something! I made this belt favor for Jehan to wear when he is fencing. For my badge, I am planning on using this as my mark. Its simple, so hopefully it will pass.

     I have continued to make sure that I am as busy as ever. Not including my bag that I am working on, I have accepted a full time job in my field. It is about an hour from where I am staying, but Jehan and I will move as soon as we can afford it. Just knowing I have a full time job has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. The next big thing I have to worry about now is Christmas, so the creation of things will begin!

     My next big event will not be for a few more weeks yet. It is knowing as the FFF&F. It is a big fiber event in the local area, and I always look forward to it. I have also been diving more and more into heraldry and creation of badges and devices for people. One of my future goals is to be what is called a book herald. I am hoping it helps me increase my drawling ability and also knowledge into family devices. Well, I must get going for I have a few my errands to run. I hope everyone has a few great days, and i"ll post sunday with the results of what occured at QRC

Until then...

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