Friday, December 23, 2011

'twas some nights before Christmas...

Hello once again everyone!

     Not too much has happened since the last time I have written. The bad things that have happened are me having to work Christmas eve and also New Years day. I was hoping to be able to have New Years off so I could go fence with my friends, but more than likely that won't happen now :(. I am still planning on attending Kingdom and local 12th nights, so hopefully I can get some fencing in at one of those events. While it doesn't look like it will be a white Christmas, that will make my life easier, for I have a 2 hour drive on Sunday, that i must do twice in one day. But to spend time with family, it is totally worth it.

     The best news of the day is that I have finally been given my temporary license to practice. I have been working on this for 2 months now, and have been running out of time when it comes to my job being understanding. Also, Jehan and I have been finally making some good progress in the wedding details portion of our lives. We are hoping to get married in 2013, so even making little decisions makes things so much more real to me.

     With almost all the presents bought and wrapped, this weekend will be fun. Jehan will celebrate his big 30 on Monday, so it will be a weekend of celebrations in our house!

Wishing everyone a fun and safe Christmas and New Years!


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